Denver Real Estate Investor Success Summit

Join us for the 13th Investor Success Summit
on October 20, 2018


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About the Summit

Join Pine Financial and Your Castle Real Estate for the biggest and best real estate investing event in Colorado. It’s a full day of education from the best local experts.  Plus, there is a happy hour networking event following the summit. Your first drink is on us!

Registration is only $19!

There are NO SALES PITCHES! This event is about learning and networking.


Kevin Amolsch
Founder | Investor | Senior Loan Officer
Pine Financial Group

Are you having trouble getting from education to results? There are real estate trainings and events all over town. Learning what to do in real estate is easy. Without the confidence to move from knowledge to action, you are wasting your time and money. Converting knowledge to results is a challenge but is something that anyone can do. If you had the tools to overcome fear you could literally create the life of your dreams. Join Kevin Amolsch, founder of Pine Financial, as he discusses how to move from student to success. Take the knowledge you learn at this year’s Investor Success Summit and do something to change your life.

Justin Cooper
Investor | Senior Loan Officer
Pine Financial Group

Justin Cooper is a husband, father of two, a full time real estate investor and Senior Loan Officer with Pine Financial Group. Justin has been investing since 2007 and has completed several renovations on residential properties in Denver, Colorado. He manages his own portfolio of rentals and is in the process of acquiring additional properties. Born and raised in New York, Justin came to Colorado in 1996 to attend Colorado State University. He started his career on the plumbing and heating supply side of the construction industry, working his way up from stocking warehouses to managing his own branch, before making the leap to full time investor and hard money lender in 2011. Since then, Justin has expanded his rental portfolio, completed several fix and flips, built new construction, bought non-performing notes, used his self-directed IRA to invest and most importantly, helped numerous investors purchase profitable properties and has spoken nationally on various real estate investing topics to groups upwards of 500 people. Justin is very passionate about investing, and strives to help and teach people he meets on the benefits and know-how of real estate investments.

Charles Roberts
President | Investor | Realtor
Your Castle Real Estate

Charles is President of both Your Castle Real Estate, a 530 person real estate firm and Shorewood Real Estate, a  260 person real estate firm, in Denver, CO. He is a registered appraiser, licensed Realtor, and a former loan officer. He has invested in Denver real estate for the past 19 years, completing dozens of fix up projects along the way, and currently manages his own portfolio of properties in metro Denver. His specialty is helping investors buy cash flow properties. He is also a frequent lecturer on the Denver real estate market and a Board Director at the 5,000-person Denver Metro Association of Realtors from 2009-2014. Charles will be discussing trends and when to expect the next real estate bubb

Travis Sperr
Investor | Senior Loan Officer
Pine Financial Group​

Travis graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Northern Colorado. He joined Pine Financial Group in 2009 as a Loan Officer and is now a speaker, teacher, and frequent contributor to local newsletters and real estate radio broadcasts. He has been instrumental in Pine Financial Group’s growth both in Colorado and Minnesota. Travis was fortunate to grow up around construction and real estate while working for his father’s construction business. While owning and managing a portfolio of rental properties in the Denver-metro area valued at over $3 Million, he is currently focused on multi-unit new construction projects, developing more than $6.8M in for-sale town homes in Denver’s hottest neighborhoods. Participating in real estate investing everyday with more than 500 transactions as a hard money lender, landlord, agent and investor, Travis has found his true passion for the business.

Lon Welsh
Investor | Founder & Chairman
Your Castle Real Estate

Lon Welsh is the founder and Chairman of Your Castle Real Estate (YCRE).  YCRE has over 750 Realtors.  He personally has 80 rental units and has built 19 homes in the Denver area. His team will complete 12 Fix and Flips this year. Mr. Welsh is a frequent speaker at real estate investing clubs and on radio shows.  He frequently contributes articles on real estate trends to the Denver Post, the Denver Business Journal and the four Denver Realtor boards. 

Prior to founding YCRE, Mr. Welsh spent eight years working as a consultant, first with Deloitte & Touche and later with Arthur Andersen (Accenture).  At Deloitte, he managed merger and acquisition engagements.  At Accenture, Mr. Welsh was a senior manager providing strategy consulting services to high tech clients.  Mr. Welsh also held several finance and accounting positions with a Fortune 100 consumer products company.  He has a BBA in Finance from the University of Iowa and an MBA in Finance from Vanderbilt.

Joe Massey
Investor | Senior Loan Officer
Castle & Cooke Mortgage

Joe is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Economics and Business. Joe has been a lender since 2002.  Prior to working with residential mortgages, Joe was a commercial lender, underwriter and financial analyst which prepared him for his mortgage career and taught him the specifics of how to get loans approved and how to find the best terms for the customer. 

Joe now works as a Senior Loan Officer for Castle & Cooke Mortgage, a Billion Dollar mortgage lender based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In addition to his Loan Officer responsibilities, Joe manages several office for Castle & Cooke Mortgage, including the Denver Tech Center office, which is their top office nationwide for the last 6 years and remains their top office for 2018 YTD.  In partnership with Your Castle Real Estate, First Alliance Title, Pine Financial and other real estate companies in Denver, Joe has closed hundreds of loans for both experienced and first-time homebuyers as well as property investors.  Joe continues to contribute to the real estate and mortgage community with his monthly presentations on financing options and continuing education.   

Matt Pilmore
VIP Financial
Matthew Pillmore is a proud third-generation Colorado native, and serial entrepreneur. In 2000 he got started in real estate and began creating a wildly popular approach to accelerating his own investment goals and building massive profit centers. For the past 6 years he has been asked to teach at most of the largest REIA’s while also developing a large community on YouTube where he provides precise steps for investors at any level to build wealth faster. His specialties include building perfect borrowing profiles, accessing a large variety of capital, and growing residual income streams. One of Matthew’s most popular specialties also includes teaching revolutionary ways to practice the Rich Dad Poor Dad approach to real estate investing while also paying off all debt (including mortgages) in a small fraction of the time.
John Brokkens
Investor | Flipper
Rapid Housing Solutions

John is a philanthropic entrepreneur with a passion for “Being the change he wants to see in the world.” He loves giving back to his community, especially our youth, and he strives to help and inspire others to get the most of out life and leave the world a better place that how they found it.

He started Rapid Housing Solutions in April of 2009 as a wholesaling company and shifted to flipping in 2012. He has done 150+ real estate deals ranging from wholesales, fix and flips, rentals, creative financing, and mobile homes. He currently has a staff of 7 and are on target to do 35 deals in the Denver market in 2018. John also was a national real estate investment coach for two years where he taught 20+ students how to effectively invest in their real estate market.


We are loading up this event to be sure you go home knowing this is the best thing you could have done on a Fall Saturday. Plus we are throwing in our special networking happy hour following the event for FREE. We will buy you a drink to say thank you for coming to the event.


How to Create a Cash Flow Empire and Protect Against the Housing Crisis 2.0
Presenter: Matt Pilmore

Whether you’re buying and selling houses, or dog bones, building any business takes a lot of time and money.  Many people discover that using ‘OPM’ (other people’s money) can be one of the best strategies for accelerating growth.  However, in an unpredictable economy it’s also the single greatest reason investors and business owners get into trouble.    In this training we will be sharing the same 3 steps he used to create $6M per year with no debt in just 3 years.


The Myths and Mysteries of Hard Money Lending –   Dispelling the rumors to get all the funding you need
Presenter: Justin Cooper

Hard Money is too expensive!  Hard Money Loans are too risky! Hard Money Lenders are just predators and dishonest lenders!  Join Justin as he walks you through the top myths and mysteries surrounding hard money loans.  With over 7 years of lending experience, Justin has heard them all.  Come and have your myths dispelled and leave with an understanding of just how powerful hard money loans can be for your real estate investing business.

How to Flip 20+ Properties a Year: Building a Repeatable Flipping Business
Presenter: John Brokkens

In this presentation John will share step by step how he has grown his flipping business over that last 6 years and continues to get deals done in the hot market we are in now. Learn from both his successes and mistakes that have allowed him to flip over 20 properties a year, all while working less and less.

Front Range Real Estate Market Trends
Presenter: Charles Roberts

This class provides an analytical overview of the major real estate trends in the Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Ft. Collins residential markets. Property records and data are reviewed at many different levels (neighborhood, zip code, town, region, etc.) in order to gain a deep understanding of the local real estate conditions. In addition, we compare historical data with current economic data to try to predict what lies ahead. You will leave this session with a solid understanding of the residential and income housing market in and around Denver. This class comes with 1 CE Credit.

Just one idea from one speaker or one attendee can make you $30,000 or more this year!

By giving up $19 and one little Saturday you can change your financial life forever. Imagine this:

  • No need to worry about living pay check to pay check
  • Have a cushion of money in your bank account to fall back on
  • No more answering to a boss and showing up to work on time
  • No more stress about driving in traffic
  • Go where you want when you want
  • Live Free!!!!

Life is good when you are on top and we can help you get there. It is time to take control of your financial life. It is so simple and it starts with this event. There is no better value on real estate education, PERIOD. We talk to people all the time that have spent $20,000 to $30,000 to learn less than half of what they will learn at this event. This type of event normally sells for $1,000 to $2,000 but you wont pay near that. We make NO money from this so we just need to raise enough to cover our costs.


$ 19
  • Only $19 for a day of education, networking, and a free drink at happy hour!
If your serious about moving ahead with real estate, than the Real Estate Investor Success Summit is where you want to be. It's absolutely worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Are refreshments available?

Yes. Coffee, Tea, and water are complimentary at a self serve station at the back of the main conference room.

Question #2: Where can I buy lunch?

A food truck will be parked in front of the PPA center during lunch. You can buy lunch and then join us for a working lunch presentation.

Question #3: Can I bring guests?

Yes, you can. The registration page gives you the option to add additional guests. 

Question #4: Where is the event located?

The PPA Center

2105 Decatur St.
Denver, CO 80211



$ 19
  • Only $19 for a day of education, networking, and a free drink at happy hour!